Welcome to my drawings and paintings Gallery.

These are the original working drawings which I do to capture images in my mind for later development into sculpture or painting.
Most of them are sketched very quickly when the horses are let out for a roll in the sand arena.
Others are of cows in barns ,donkeys in fields. As I said They are working drawings so they may have faint search lines left on the page, they are finished on the spot.

I use dark pencil or charcoal for the black and white sketches and terracotta a chalk which is similar to that used by Michelangelo for his life drawings .This is my favourite as you can see and it gives the work a nice warmth and an old fashioned look. I also work by the fireside and from photos but this has to be outweighed by spontaneous quick drawings from life or I will soon notice stiffness creeping into my work. Drawing living things also provides new inspiration and opens my eye to the beauty of life.
Drawings are fixed with aerosol glue to stop smudging but should be framed asap ,most will fit a standard 30x40cm frame.
The watercolours have to remain flat so they come with a backing board covered in clear plastic. My favourite is 650g (thick)arches watercolour paper which has a handmade feel with rough edges and looks best sitting above the mount in a box frame.